About Me

I wear multiple hats as I navigate my career. Firstly, I'm a senior at Marshall University, on track to graduate in May 2024. Simultaneously, I serve as the founder and CEO of Stratton Solutions, LLC, a thriving website development venture. Additionally, I harness the skills honed during my tenure at General Assembly's Software Engineering bootcamp to contribute part-time as a Software Engineer. My immediate objectives include achieving high honors upon graduation, securing a full-time position as a React developer, and fostering the growth of my business, with the goal of expanding our team to at least three dedicated employees.


Business Consultant

Consulted mental health therapists on business development strategies while creating websites and landing pages to fill their practices with leads.


Developing ACV Concrete's website and analyzing company data using SQL.


Designing and developing websites for small businesses. Currently accepting new clients.


ACV Concrete: ACV Concrete is a small, minority-owned concrete company based in Meriden, CT. I utilized Next.js to develop a modern website for them to connect with contractors and employees from all over the United States.

Promptopia: Welcome to the first ever social media application built for the generation of AI. Promptopia is an open-source AI prompting tool for the modern world to discover, create, and share creative prompts.

Push It: With over 3+ years of personal training experience and several more in my own personal training regimen, I have consistently been asked to share routines and tips for getting started! Therefore, Push-it was born to do two fundamental things: provide sample workout routines and a space to track workouts!